Zhiqiang Dong
PhD, Professor and Vice Dean School of Economics & Management
Field: Labor Economics, New Political Economy, Behavioral and Evolutionary Economics
+86-20-3931-0103 dongzhiqiang@m.scnu.edu.cn


Jun. 2006, PhD., Chongqing University
Jun, 2003, Master, Chongqing University
Jun, 1997, Bachelor, Chongqing Institute of Techonology


2005.09- Present,South China Normal Univeristy,
                               Head of Scientific Laboratory of Economic Behaviors(2014- )
                               Professor and Vice Dean of School of Economics & Management (2012- )
                               Professor of Economics (2008- )
                               Associate Professor of Economics (2005-2008)
2016.11- Present, Dept. of Econ., University of Tennessee, vsiting professor
2015.01-2016.08, Dept. of Econ., University of Tennessee, vsiting professor
2010.01-2011.01, Dept. of Econ., University of Otago, visiting professor


Under graduates:Priciples of Economics; Mathematical Economics
Graduates:  Game Theory; Intermediate Microeconomics; Labor Economics
Doctoral: Advanced Microeconomics


Grants (Selected)
1.National Natural Foundation of China (No.71473089), “The Micro-Mechanism of Labor Income Share Determination in China: From Prospective of Transitional Economy and Factors’ Income Distribution at Firm Level”, Jan, 2015-Dec, 2018.
2.Planning Fund For Humanities and Social Sciences of Ministry of Education (No. 14YJA790008), “The Evolutionary Foundations of Endowment Effect and Its effects on Social Order”, Jan, 2015-Dec, 2017.
3.Initial Fund for Abroad-Studying Returnees of Ministry of Education, “How the Ageing Affect Income Distribution in China”, Jan, 2014-Dec, 2016.
4.Research Fund of Guangdong Provincial Party Committee Propaganda Department (No. WT1410), “Challenges and Public Policies to Human Resources in Process of Economic Development of Guangdong”, Sep, 2014-Sep, 2016.
5.Research Fund of Guangdong Provincial Party Committee Propaganda Department (No. 2013SBDZB02), “Problems and Policies for Improving Business Environments in Guangdong”, Jun, 2013-Jun, 2014.
6.National Social Science Fund of China (No. 07CJL019), “Research On Economic Thoughts of Santa-Fe Economists”, Jan, 2008-May,2013.


Published Papers
  • Dong, Zhiqiang; and Yongjing Zhang, A Sequential Game of Endowment Effect and Natural Property Rights, ECONOMICS LETTERS (SSCI), Vol.149, 2016: pp.108-111.
  • Dong, Zhiqiang; Xiahai Wei.; and Yongjing Zhang, The allocation of entrepreneurial efforts in a rent-seeking society: evidence from China, JOURNAL OF COMPARATIVE ECONOMICS (SSCI),  Vol.44(2), 2016: pp.353-371.
  • Dong, Zhiqiang; and Yongjing Zhang, Accumulated social capital, institutional quality, and economic performance: Evidence from China. ECONOMIC SYSTEMS (SSCI) , Vol.40(2): pp.206-219.
  • Dong, Zhiqiang; Zijun Luo; and Xihai Wei, Social insurance with Chinese Characteristics: the role of Communist Party in private firms , CHINA ECONOMIC REVIEW (SSCI), Vol.37(1), 2016: pp. 40-51.
  • Xihai Wei, Zhiqiang Dong, and Qiuyun Zhao, Why Does China's Labor Income Share Tend to Decline? From the Perspective of Change of Population Age Structure, CHINA ECONOMISTS, Vol.8(3), 2013:pp.52-63.
Working Papers
  • Does Honesty Request Discourage Cheating? May not! (With Jun Zhao, Rongjun Yu)
  • The Effects of Local Government Leadership Turnover on Entrepreneurial Behaviors (with Xiaobin Wang, Tianhua Zhang, Yuejun Zhong)
  • One-tier, Two-tier, or Family Control: An Economic Theory on Corporate Governance Patterns All Over the World (sole author)
  • Does Population Aging Intensify Income Inequality? Evidence from China (with Canqing Tang, Xiahai Wei)
In Progress
  • Fight or Stoop
  • Optimal Risk Manipulation in Asymmetric Tournament
  • The Power of Willpower (with Y. Lao, Y. Zhong)
  • How Do Small Businesses Survive in a Rent-Seeking Society? - Evidence from China (with Xiahai Wei, Yongjing Zhang)
  • Why Xi, Why only he? Analysis of China's Present Anti-corruption Campaign from An Evolutionary Behavioral Perspective (with Yongjing Zhang)
  • Why do we prefer fairness: An agent-based model
  • Preference or Aversion? Exploring the Gender Imbalance and Desire for Sons in China (with Yang Jiao, Yuejun Zhong)
  • Do Birth Dates Matter for Individual Income: Evidence from China(with Xiaobo He, Yuejun Zhong)